Your Red Bin is Collected Fortnightly

As a general rule, most of the waste that can’t go in your yellow or green bin will go in your red bin. There are some exceptions however including builders waste, hazardous materials, chemicals, car tyres and a few other items as listed below.

Materials placed in the red bin are ultimately destined for landfill. With landfill space rapidly diminishing on a local and world wide scale, it is everybody’s responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle as much waste as possible.

Acceptable items in your red bin:

  • Plastic bags including compostable or biodegradable bags.
  • Soft scrunchy plastics, including bread bags, cereal box liners, biscuit packets, cling wrap, bubble wrap, newspaper wrap, chocolate and muesli bar wrappers, silver-lined chip and cracker packets
  • Other non-recyclable plastics that are not numbered from 1-7
  • Foam trays and polystyrene, including meat trays
  • Pyrex, ceramics or pottery including mugs, plates and plant pots.
  • Broken drinking glasses
  • Broken toys
  • Pool and garden hoses
  • DVD’s, CD’s, videos, cassettes
  • Nappies (including biodegradable or compostable nappies)
  • Clothes, rags and shoes – acceptable but always try to donate or give away items in good condition
  • Waxy cardboard such as empty fruit boxes
  • Pyrex glass including baking trays and drinking glasses.

Do NOT place these items in your red bin:

  • Recyclable items
  • Green Waste
  • Builders Waste
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Medical Waste
  • Car Parts & tyres
  • Printer and Toner Cartridges
  • Paints
  • Gas Bottles*
  • Fire Extinguishers*
  • Smoke Alarms*
  • Chemicals*
  • Paint* 
  • Motor and Cooking Oils*
  • Mobile Phones and Electronic Waste
  • Batteries including car & phone batteries*

*take these items to your local Community Recycling Centre (CRC) for free.

What if I have too much garbage?

If you usually fill up your red bin before its collection day, you do have some options:

You can get an additional red bin from your local Council (annual fees apply), or take your excess garbage to your local waste facility (fees apply).

Overweight or Overfull Bins

Our trucks can only lift a maximum of 80kg in wheelie bins. Please avoid placing excessive quantities of heavy materials in your bin, as overweight bins cannot be emptied.

Overfull bins can result in spillage and difficulty of collection. Your bin lid must be fully closed with all contents contained inside the bin. We are unable to empty overfull bins.