What Time is My Bin Collected?

Your bins can be emptied any time between 6am and 5pm on your scheduled collection day, even if it’s a public holiday.

Our collection routes do change from time to time so to be sure your bin is emptied, please make sure it’s on kerb the night before, or, prior to 6am on the collection day.

We cannot come back to empty bins that were not presented at the kerb.

If you had presented your bin at the kerb and it was missed, call our customer service team on 1800 265 495, we will verify that the bin was presented via footage from our truck cameras, and if we’ve somehow missed it, we will come back to service it for you.

Where Should I Put My Bins for Collection?

Place your bins a minimum of 50cm apart at the kerb with wheels facing your house. This gives our ‘bin grabbers’ clear access to empty each bin.

Ensure bins are placed clear of overhanging trees, power lines etc and clear of parked cars and other structures. This allows safe collection of your bin.

Only Coffs Coast Waste Services bins will be serviced by our drivers. If you have a bin from another Council area, or one without Coffs Coast Waste Services branded on the front, your bin will not be emptied.

Overweight or Overfull Bins

Overweight bins will not be emptied. Our ‘bin grabbers’ can only lift up to 80kg. Please avoid filling bins with excessive quantities of heavy materials e.g. glass, wet lawn clippings etc.

Overfull bins can result in difficult of collection and spillage. The lid of your bin must be fully closed with all material contained inside the bin.

Need an extra bin?

You can order additional red or green bins from your local Council. Annual fees apply.

You can swap your 240L yellow (recycling) bin for a 360L bin, or you can order an additional yellow bin from your local Council. Annual fees apply.

New Services and Additional Bins

Please contact your local Council for new or additional services:

Coffs Harbour City Council: 02 6648 4000

Nambucca Valley Council: 02 6568 2555

Bellingen Shire Council: 02 6655 7300

Natural Disasters/Extreme Weather Events

During times of extreme weather or natural disasters such as fire, floods, heavy storms etc, there may be some delays to your kerbside collection services. Interruptions may also extend to the operating hours at your local waste facilities and transfer stations. Should a delay or interruption occur, notifications will be published on the Coffs Coast Waste Services Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CoffsCoastWaste/