We are proud to have a Best Practice waste management system here on the Coffs Coast. Correct use of your yellow, green and red bins can help reduce the amount of materials going to landfill by up to 80%! 

Your bins may be emptied any time between 6am and 5pm on your collection day. Our collection routes do change from time to time, so place your bin out the night before to make sure you don’t miss your collection.

Click the bins below to find out what you can and can’t put in each bin for kerbside collection.

Red Bin

EMPTIED FORTNIGHTLY Your red bin is for household garbage. Click on the bin to find out more.

Yellow Bin

EMPTIED FORTNIGHTLY Your yellow bin is for recyclable household packaging. Click on the bin to find out more.

Green Bin

EMPTIED WEEKLY Your green bin is for food and garden waste. Click on the bin to find out more.

I think my bin was missed!