Please Note: Household bins are to be placed on the kerb no sooner than the night before scheduled collection days, and must be taken back off the kerb as soon as possible after servicing.

Yellow lidded Bin

Recycling/Yellow lidded Bin

Your recycling bin is collected on the alternate fortnight to your household garbage bin, and its contents are both hand and machinery sorted. Read more about your yellow bin


Green lidded Bin

Organics/Green lidded Bin

Your organics bin is collected weekly and its contents are shredded and composte to become high quality garden compost and mulch. Read more about your green bin


Red lidded BinGarbage/Red lidded Bin

Your household garbage bin is collected on the alternate fortnight to your recycling bin. Contents are hand sorted before being processed on site in autoclaves. Recoverable materials are extracted and the remainder is sent to landfill. Read more about your red bin



Where to dispose of items that CANNOT go in any of your bins

* Gas Bottles
* Fire Extinguishers
* Smoke Alarms
* Chemicals
* Paint
* Motor and Cooking Oils
* Mobile Phones and Electronic Waste

All of these items can be disposed of at your nearest Community Recycling Centre (CRC), located within these waste facilities:

Coffs Harbour City Council Community Recycling Centre

31a Englands Road, Coffs Harbour
Monday to Friday –  7.30am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 4pm

Nambucca Community Recycling Centre

711 Old Coast Rd, Nambucca Heads
Monday-Sunday 8am – 4pm (CLOSED Public Holidays)

Raleigh Community Recycling Centre

146 Short Cut Road, Raleigh
Daylight Saving Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 7am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday - 8am-5pm

Outside Daylight Saving Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 8am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday - 8am-4pm

Handybin Waste Services

25 Englands Road, Coffs Harbour

NSW 2450 Australia

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